Hello everyone. 大家好。这里我的第一次博客帖子!

Robin - The Mandarin Learner in Nanjing

The Mandarin Learner Robin outside the Nanjing city wall China.

I want to say 谢谢你 for checking out The Mandarin Learner. It is a project I hope to grow and develop, as well as to connect with others who are learning the Mandarin language, as well as those interested in travelling to China and learning more about the culture and its history.

The aim isn’t to teach the language, though I will offer advice based on my experience thus far. I hope just as much that you will also be willing to help myself and the others who visit this site. At the time of this writing, I have only been studying 普通话 for a little over a year, and am absolutely in love with it.

I was originally attracted to the language because of its reputation as being difficult. What I have found, is that once you get past the “cryptic” characters, it is not so difficult (ask me in three years if I still stand by this statement).

Chinese culture & the Mandarin language are both engaging & very different than what we’re used to in the west – and that’s great!

Since beginning to learn 中文, I have developed a fondness for Chinese culture. I can’t say I love it – I won’t lie. Fascination – yes. Like any culture, there is good and bad, but to be completely objective – those opinions are very subjective. What is good in one, might be bad in another.

As a Canadian with little overseas travel experience, but a love of learning about the world’s many societies in general, I hope to try to give an impartial but obviously western perspective on my interpretation of modern and old Chinese 文化. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

So between language, culture, and history, I will be sharing my thoughts, photos, and videos from my travels to China on this site, youtube, facebook, twitter, anInstagramam (so don’t forget to follow me on those).

Finally – I want to hear from you. Tell me what you would like to see, share your thoughts. I would be happy to have some guest posts from different people – both fluent, and new learners.

This is about creating a resource for us today.

I hope to see you, and hear from you.

谢谢。 下次见!