Visiting Dr. Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum in Nanjing

Visiting Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s mausoleum in Nanjing

By the time this is posted, I am probably on the airplane flying across the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver to Nanjing (via Beijing). Certainly, such a long flight in economy class is miserable, but it’s an experience nonetheless. An experience of low-quality food, no leg room, and last time I flew Air China, no electronics at all. It would be really nice to be able to access my Ipad.

The weather in Vancouver has been pretty terrible for the last two days. Far more snow than is normal, and driving here was a challenge. There was also the panic of the missing passport (thankfully found). What other challenges await?

I will be away for a couple of weeks visiting and enjoying the winter. Southern China lacks heating in most homes because for most of the year it is unnecessary, but when it drops below 0 degrees celsius overnight, I’ve been advised to bring long underwear, sweaters and another winter jacket. That’s great. I like a bit of a challenge.

Nanjing isn’t well known in the west but is a very significant city in Chinese history. It is a second tier city, but has been the capital city in the past, has some tremendous architectural artifacts, and is less westernised (outside the city core) than cities like Shanghai or Beijing. Much harder to find English speakers there, but not impossible. Last time, Iwas often the first western person anyone had seen before. It’s a great place to experience China and not terribly polluted.

I stayed (and will again), in a residential area rather than a hotel, so there is no catering to travellers, which is a great way to experience travel. To me, vacations are about learning, and new experiences rather than resting. I usually prefer if my vacations are in some way mentally and physically challenging, and I am not an extreme sports guru. I just love learning and exploring. Curiosity, not points.

360º Photos & Videos of Nanjing and Other Locals!

One thing I am really looking forward to is more photos. I will be taking more videos on this trip, as well as 360º images and videos from my new camera so you can see all around me. If you have VR goggles (such as Occulus, or google cardboard compatible ones) then it will be even better. I will share the experience with you in a more connected way (got the VPN setup!). I will be exploring the city, interacting with locals, seeing the sites and likely be visiting a few historical sites and other areas such as Suzhou or maybe Yellow Mountain.

Also – expect me to continue to post to instagram, twitter, and facebook. If you aren’t already following me there, then definitely check them out.

Let me know what you would like to see. I know I plan to show you a lot! See you in Nanjing!