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The Mandarin Learner – Robin

My name is Robin, and for some reason or other I decided to start learning Mandarin in July of 2015, while studying French, and dabbling briefly in Korean. I have always enjoyed studying languages. They always interested me for the sounds, grammar, and primarily as a window to culture. Once the window is open the culture shines through.

My Philosophy

I believe that learning is the “default” condition of the human species. We are born learning, and it never stops, but sometimes life gets in the way. The learning never stops, but it may go unnoticed, or even deteriorate. I want to use this site to remind myself and others that we can do it, and that the journey is the most important part. Rather than learning a language being the end goal, it can be an adventure.

My Mission

To support and motivate myself, and hopefully others to stick with their study of Mandarin – to discover the richness of the language and Chinese culture, to break away for the dozens of sites out there (many that I do love) that try to teach mandarin, and instead focus on the journey.